Breed Booth, Meet the Breed!

“Meet The Breed” booth, Seattle Kennel Club
10-11 March 2018
-Club booth, corgi fun stuff for sale, meet breeders and their dogs and learn about the breed!
-Show has conformation, agility, rally, obedience, demos, many booths for shopping
-Click HERE (Seattle Kennel Club website) or HERE (Superintendent website) for more info including breed judging time schedules (“judging program”) for the show. The judging program usually is posted about a week before the show.
-Quest Field Event Center, Seattle, WA

“Meet the Breed” booth, Celtic Dogs, Scottish Highland Games
28-29 July 2018
-Come meet the breed!
-Expo Center, Enumclaw, WA

“Meet the Breed” booth, Emerald Downs Corgi Races
-5 August 2018
-The Corgi Races at Emerald Downs first started in 2017 and were hugely popular.  This year the races are even bigger!  Come join the fun!
Emerald Downs Racetrack calendar and information
-Auburn, WA

Corgi Fun Day
-1 September 2018
-Go to the Corgi Fun Day page
-Games, fun, demos, and lots and lots of corgis!

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