Herding Tests

-AKC Herding Tests and Trials at Pack Leader Farm in Gig Harbor, WA.

Friday: 8 July 2016, CORGIS ONLY (Pembrokes, Cardigans, ILP/PAL ok)
Judge Jerry Rowe, Osborne, KS

Saturday & Sunday: 9 & 10 July 2016, All Herding Breeds
Judges: Jerry Rowe – Osborne, KS, Connie Gohl– Auburn, WA
All Breed Herding Tests and Trials
Corgis have preference until May 29th, 2016

Classes: Herding Instinct, HT, PT (Sheep Only)

• Course (A) Cattle, Ducks, and Sheep
• Course (B) Ducks and Sheep
• Course (C) Sheep

Location: PackLeader Farm,
14401 Crews Road, KPN, Gig Harbor, WA.
Trial Secretary: Barbara Witte
Trial Chair: Trish Rohner

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