Puget Sound Canine Fanciers Show-N-Go

6 Jan 2018

-Agility, Obedience, Rally.
Click Here for 2018 Entry Form and Details  Entries closed!
-Entries are due 31 December 2017
-Pre-entering highly recommended as day of show entries are rarely available.
This is our first rate hike since 2013. Due to an increase in Argus Ranch rental rates we apologize but must raise the cost per run.  Volunteer Obedience / Rally Judges and Obedience Stewards welcome and will be compensated with free run(s).
-Directions: Argus Ranch For Dogs Auburn, WA

-Notes and Letter For Exhibitors 
-Notes and Letter For Judges and Stewards 
Obedience Sits and Downs, Map of Event Locations

Obedience Novice (Obedience Barn)
Obedience Novice (Ring 4, Big Barn)
Obedience Open (Ring 2) 
Obedience Open (Ring 3) 
Obedience Utility (Ring 1) 
Obedience Utility (Ring 2) 

Agility JWW Novice 
Agility JWW Open & Excellent 
Agility Standard Novice 
Agility Standard Open & Excellent 

Rally Novice 
Rally Advanced & Excellent 

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