Corgi Colors

Pembroke Welsh Corgis come in 5 basic colors, usually with white trim:  Red, Red-headed tricolor, Black-headed tricolor, Sable, and Fawn.  Pembroke Welsh Corgis do NOT come in merle.  Any so-called”Pembroke” that is a merle is actually a mixed breed, typically a mix with a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Genetically, Red is dominant to Red-headed tricolor, which is dominant to Black-headed tricolor.  The genetics of Sables aren’t fully understood.  Some opinion that Sables have a “weak” Red gene that allows a tricolor gene to be partially expressed.  Fawn is a very light Red.

Red: no obvious black hairs

Red-Headed Tricolor: Lots of black, blending gradually into the red parts of the dog.

Black-Headed Tricolor
: Lots of black, black and red areas are distinctly separate, not blending gradually into each other.

Sable: Red with dark hair showing on withers, sometimes black “skullcap” on head, base of tail, along shoulderblade lines.

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