Specialties, B/OB/R Match

Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club Annual Specialty 9 August 2019.  Entries close 24 July 2019

Premium and Other Information (BaRay)  

-Regular Classes: Larry Adams (Gaylord)
-Sweepstakes: John Wilcox (Jareaux)
-Obedience: Mary Jane Shervais
-Superintendent: BaRay
-Location: Olympia Red Lion, Olympia, WA.

The club follows all AKC guidelines.  The club should be consulted for further information.  If there are any discrepancies the AKC rules will be followed to avoid having any misunderstandings.

2019 Columbia River PWCC Annual Specialty (not a CPWCC event)
19 July 2019, Portland, WA

CPWCC Specialty, 7 August 2020 (for future planning!)
-Regular Classes: Peter Flynn (Pemvale)
-Sweepstakes: Nancy Oehlhof (Springmill)
-Obedience: Betty Winthers

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