Annual Specialty

CPWCC Annual Specialty, 12-13 August 2021.

-Regular Classes: Tim Mathiesen (Nebriowa)
-Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes: Nissa Lindstrom (Lindfox)
-Obedience, Rally, Junior Handling: Richard Lewis
Flyer with information on hotel, advertising
Flyer showing major raffle items: Quilt, Grooming Dryer, $100 Visa gift card.
-Superintendent: BaRay (general website), Premium (on their website)
****NOTE: Full address for Peggy Cobb for Hospitality and Catalog PreOrder Form is PO Box 1849, Mt Vernon, WA
****NOTE: Hotel Name Change since premium came out!  Please book via phone instead of online to make sure you get the specialty rate.   Use the code “CWC.”
-Location: Olympia Hotel at Capital Lake (formerly Red Lion), Olympia, WA.

-Obedience and Rally Thursday 12 August 1-5PM.
-Junior Handling Friday 13 August 8AM
-Conformation Friday 13 August 9AM-Finished
Buffet dinner will be outside!

The club follows all AKC guidelines.  The club should be consulted for further information.  If there are any discrepancies the AKC rules will be followed to avoid having any misunderstandings.

2021 Columbia River PWCC Annual Specialty (not a CPWCC event)
28 July 2021
St Paul, WA

CPWCC Specialty, August 2022 (for future planning!)
-Regular Classes: TBA
-Sweepstakes: TBA
-Obedience: TBA

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