Lost & Found Corgis

Occasionally we post information about Pembrokes that have been lost or found.

Some tips for finding lost dogs:

  • Make sure your microchip contact information is up to date.  Quickly call your microchip company to confirm this as soon as you have lost a dog.  Contact the vet whose phone number is currently on your dog’s rabies tag.
  • Find Facebook groups for your city, county, and/or state for lost pets and post a good photo of your dog there.  There’s usually several groups so search for them all and ask people to share to other groups.  Check constantly as there’s a high turnover of posts.  “Saving” your post will help you find it again.
  • In Washington State check out the website: Lost and Found Pets of Washington State
  • Post on Craigslist, your local Nextdoor site,  and keep checking there for someone posting about your dog. A lot of people use this nowadays. In the case of stolen dogs, thieves sometimes try to sell them on Craigslist. Carefully check all potential posts, as someone might not even know what a corgi is and may just post “found dog” or “found brown dog.”
  • In the Seattle area contact Missing Pet Partnership.
  • Email us and we can arrange to post a photo and spread the word to some corgi lists.
  • Post fliers, hand them out to neighbors, posts office delivery people, vet clinics.
  • Check out all shelters in the area in person every day, sometimes they’re not good about knowing what breed they have.
  • Find Toto will call all people in the area the dog was lost in (how large an area is based on payment).  Pawboost is another free/pay service that will spread the word.  Though our club can give no recommendation for or against these services, they might help.
  • Don’t give up!  Some dogs are found weeks and even months later.





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