PDA Study

PDA (patent ductus arteriosus) is a congenital genetic condition found in Pembrokes that results in death usually before the age of 1 year old.  Surgery that corrects this condition for the life of the dog is possible, but is expensive and sometimes fatal.  We’re hoping to have a DNA test developed to aid avoiding breeding dogs that can produce it.

Lisa Freeman, DVM PhD (Tufts University) has some promising results from the preliminary study of PDAs in Pembrokes and now needs more DNA samples ONLY from  individuals who currently have or have had PDA (the DNA stays the same if the dog had surgery or not).

Cheek swabs or blood samples are ok. The Instruction/Submission Form (below) has the information for your vet on how to take and send a blood sample.  To obtain cheek swabs, email Dr. Kate Meurs at kate_meurs@ncsu.edu  They request a pedigree with the samples to see relations (or lack thereof) between individuals.

Download Instructions and Submission Form (PDF)
Information about PDA

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