Our club’s Rescue Representative is:

Mary Day,
5447 – 89th Ave. SE, Olympia, WA 98513
360-456-1226 (after 7:30PM)

Our Rescue works closely with Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue (SPDR), to foster and locate homes for purebred Pembrokes. An Adoption Application for adopting a dog from us or a Listing Agreement for giving up a dog to us can be downloaded below and mailed to Mary Day. If you live in another part of the country and are interested in Pembroke Welsh Corgi rescue please go to our Links page to find a Corgi Club near you.

Available Dogs     Rescue: Behind the scenes      Teddy: A rescue’s story
Adopting a dog:

Periodically rescues come from families who are forced to give them up due to unfortunate circumstances such as death of an owner, divorce, or moving to housing that does not accept dogs. These are usually well behaved housebroken adult dogs who have been screened by club members for behavior problems. Our Rescue Representative carefully matches prospective adoptees with dogs depending on a dog’s needs, such as a dog that does not get along with other dogs will only go to a home where it will be the only dog. Dogs that bite people will not be placed via Rescue.

If you obtain a purebred Pembroke Welsh corgi without registration papers and you wish to enter AKC performance events such as obedience, herding, or agility, you can “PAL”(formerly ILP) the dog with AKC as long as the dog is neutered and looks like a Pembroke. Click Here for more information on PAL.

Open Adoption Application in Adobe Acrobat pdf format (get Adobe Acrobat
) to download or print.  Please print out and mail hardcopy to Mary at the address above.  No electronic submissions.  Please Email Webmaster if you can’t get a form to download.

Giving up a dog:

If you have a Pembroke that you can no longer keep, please initially contact the breeder of the corgi, especially if you have signed a contract requiring you to return the dog in the event you cannot keep it. If you no longer have the contact information for the dog’s breeder, please contact us and we will try to help. If you have a purebred Pembroke that you need to find a home for and the breeder will not take back, please immediately contact us and fill out and submit the Dog Listing Agreement below.

Download Dog Listing Agreement in Adobe Acrobat pdf format to download or print.  Please print out, fill in, and deliver hardcopy to Mary as she requests when you email or phone her.  No electronic submissions. Please Email Webmaster if you can’t get a form to download.

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