Teddy’s Story

This story was in the Corgi Rescue section of the Spring ’02 issue of the Corgi Currents (the newsletter of the Columbia River and Cascade PWC Clubs). I wanted to share it, because the lady who fulfilled Teddy’s hope “that someone with a kind heart would take

Mary Day, Rescue Chair of Cascade PWC Club, describes Teddy: Teddy was a stray picked up by the Tacoma Animal Shelter. We think his owner probably abandoned him because he was old and smelly. Teddy cannot hear because his ears are totally blocked by years of infections. Teddy has cataracts in both eyes. Teddy had no hair because of a bad skin condition. He was so skinny from neglect that his mere 20 pounds of weight were manageable with one hand. But Teddy’s biggest problem was that he was old, 12 to 14 years old. I made over 20 calls to well-intentioned people who wanted to “rescue” a dog but no one wanted Teddy because he was old. But Teddy had the indomitable spirit of a Corgi. He still had spark and a life to live. Here’s his story from a young girl’s perspective…. him home and love him” is Sylvia Bernie.

Teddy’s Story
by Erika, Age 14
Kenmore Junior High

Have you ever known a dog that you’ll never let yourself forget? Teddy is one of those “forget-me-not” dogs. He is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a heart bigger than his head. His tale as I know it began at the Tacoma Humane Society Center. He was there for a little while in a kennel all alone where he shook as though he was freezing. People passed his cage and saw his bent ear and gaze that clearly said, “Adopt me!” Unfortunately Teddy is about 12 to 14 years old and no one wanted to adopt an older dog. Mary Day works with two rescue programs called Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue and Cascade PWC Rescue. Mary rescued Teddy and took him to Sylvia Lueck DVM for a physical and there they discovered many worrying things. Teddy has hearing problems, cataracts in his eyes, was severely skinny, has arthritis and his teeth were in such poor shape that he could not eat. Other than that Teddy was in fairly good health. Mary took Teddy to her kennels and fed him watery, mushy food. He ate the food happily and looked for more. He is a spunky little dog that wanted a human companion more than anything. He waited in his kennel watching all day for someone to take him home to stay until the end of his days.

This dog sat in his kennel crying, wanting someone to play with. He was well fed and he received drastic tooth surgery so he eats fine now and gained most of his weight back. Teddy is a sweet boy with a puppy personality. His expression is unforgettable; he tilts his head and his stare will melt your heart. But he needed a buddy. Teddy is old and every day he was lonely, but hopeful, that someone with a kind heart would take him home and love him. And someone did.

Update: October 18, 2002, from Sylvia.

I didn’t think that I would be writing this this soon.

This morning I helped Ted E. Bear to a pain free and happy place, the Rainbow bridge.

About 4:30 this moring I was awaken by some noise, It was Ted E. crying in his sleep. I turned on the light and there Ted E. lay in a little pool of blood. Ted E. had been diagnoised with a cancerous tumor in his sinus cavity. The blood had come from his nose. I finally got him awake. Ted E. cried when I picked him up and put him in my lap. I knew then that a decision had to be made.

Ted E.’s most favorite thing was a warm bath and to be massaged. So I drew the bath and spent about a half hour bathing and massaging him. After the bath I combed him out and tried to give him something to eat. I tried all of his favorites. no good.

Ted E. Bear was only with me a short time but he had the face that you couldn’t resist. So sweet and quiet and willing to give kisses. He melted hearts where ever he went.

Ted E. I will miss your teddy bear face and crooked little ear and there will always be a place in my heart reserved just for you.

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